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Ghost Taverns

"An Illustrated Gazetteer of Haunted Pubs in the North East of England"...
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Along the Brighton Road

New (Feb 2010) CAMRA local beer guide to pubs selling real ale in the Brixton, Streatham and Mitcham districts of south London. Follows the same handy style as the other 4 booklets in this series comp...
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Brew Your Own - Vol 15, No 8 - December 2009

The December 2009 cover majors on commercial brewers who still do their own homebrew such as Dogfish Head, Stone and others. Hops feature in 2 other articles one on the smaller hop farms (and how they...
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Cambridgeshire s Best Pubs

This attractive guide covers over 100 pubs in Cambridgeshire, town and rural, large and small. The pubs are grouped into 3 geographical areas - Cambridge and district; Peterborough, Ely and the Fens; ...
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Brew Your Own - Vol 15, No 6 - October 2009

The October 2009 issue features Imperial German Beers - Imperial in the sense of exaggerating the principle characteristic of that style, and here applied to German beer styles. Other features are Par...
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DLG Bier Guide

(in German) The annual awards for outstanding beers and breweries by the DLG (the German Agricultural Association). The awards are based on tasting and laboratory tests by experts at the DLG test cent...
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Zymurgy - Vol 32, No 1 - January-February 2009

This issue is Zymurgy's annual "gadgets" issue with 3 articles on brewing equipment, one general article, another on fermentation cabinets and another on keg washers. There are some successful recipes...
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Zymurgy - Vol 31, No 6 - Nov-Dec 2008

The November-December 2008 issue's cover feature is Holiday Beers (for the christmas/New Year season)with 2 feature articles on various beers for the festivities. It's also 30 years of Zymurgy magazin...
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Beers of the World - Iss 24

The June-July 2009 cover story is on beer in Japan with an illuminating explanation of Japanese beer categories and beer trends both in the industry and in beer styles. A bit nearer home Het Anker br...
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