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Krebbers Kolner Kneipen

German language guide by a popular television presenter to the best bars and cafes etc in Cologne. Not only are Kolsch bars and other "Kneipen"(bars) featured but also chapters on cafes, snacks (Imbis...
£11.00 £5.00

Brew Your Own - Vol 15, No 3 - May-June 2009

The May-June 2009 issue highlights the need in these hard times to make more beer for less > "Stretching Your Brewing Budget". Two interesting articles on European beer styles - Vienna lager and Kolsc...
£4.25 £3.50

CAMRA North Surrey Guide

This the first pub guide since 1997 to real ale pubs in North Surrey, which is the areas in the boroughs of Elmbridge, Spelthorne and Runnymede - which using their traditional proper town names means ...
£4.95 £2.50

The Clapham Omnibus

Sub-titled "A guide to pubs in and around Clapham and South Lambeth", this is the 4th in a series of 5 pub guides to south-west London. The districts covered, Clapham and South Lambeth are in the GPO ...
£2.00 £1.00

The Hop Lovers Guide

From the Best of Brew Your Own the magazine style, the special issue Hop Lovers Guide with lots of information for the hop loving home brewer. Starting off with a general introduction to hops, then ...
£5.95 £5.50

Brew Your Own - Vol 15, No 2 - March-April 2009

The March-April 2009 issue...
£4.25 £3.50

Brew Your Own - Vol 14, No 3 - May-June 2008

The May-June 2008 issue highlights brewing your own Czech pilsner....
£4.00 £3.00

Cheshire Inn Signs

An A to Z listing and description of over 250 different pub signs found in Cheshire (ie the county as defined in 1974 plus a few from the former historic county). Most of the signs get a full descript...
£12.99 £10.99

Beers of the World - Iss 3

American beer is the top feature of this January-February 2006 issue. There are reports from the Great American Beer Festival in Denver and a look at the famous US brand of Samuel Adams, and a visit t...
£3.00 £2.00

Around London in 80 Beers

The authors (they of the Bruges book of similar title) have selected an unusual and interesting mixture of pubs/bars mostly in central London but going out as far as Hampstead (N), Bethnal Green (E),H...
£7.99 £5.00

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