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Whitbread's Breweries.

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author: H. A. Monckton
published: 1984
pages: 56pp
size: 29 x 21cm
language: English
brewery: Whitbread
product ref: 514


A Chronological Survey of the Evolution of one of the older groups of breweries in Britain.

As Whitbread finally shakes off their brewing roots it is fortunate that we obtained copies of this valuable record of their acquisitions from 1742 when Samuel Whitbread acquired the Goat Brewhouse to 1971 when Brickwoods were bought
These acquisitions record Whitbread's role in the consolidation of the British brewing industry.
Since the publication of this book Whitbread are no longer have any connection with beer and breweries.

NB: Please note the stock of this publication is quite old now and the covers front and back are showing signs of their age ie scuff marks and slight creases, the insides though are unaffected and the books are sound. The best copy in stock will be selected for your order but as the stock is depleted then the condition of the remaining books will be worse.


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