Guinness Bottlers Labels

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author: David Hughes
published: 2020
pages: 238, full col., H/B
size: 22 x 30.5 cm / 8.5 x 12 ins.
language: English
brewery: Guinness
product ref: 2957


This is the latest Guinness book published by David Hughes in August 2020. It comprehensibly covers the vast number of labels produced for bottled Guinness, both by just bottlers and by brewers who bottled Guinness stout and porter.

The book displays 230 pages of bottle labels with at least 10 images per page - a total of ~ 2000 images of bottled Guinness.

The contents are classified into - Irish Porter, Irish Extra Stout, Porter Extra Stout blends, Nourishing-Invalid Stout, UK Extra Stout bottlers and Export Bottlers (from all parts of the world).

Each label image records the name and town of the bottler (a bit of history for the long gone breweries of British Isles).

This is a comprehensive visual record of the big bottling industry which depended on Guinness practice of only brewing and selling their beer by the barrel only.

A splendid book full of information with the visual delights to the lover of beer labels and to the brewery historian (even though they may not order A bottle of Guinness please themselves).


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