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Pub Stops of Swindon

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author: JJM Designs
published: 2014
pages: 1
size: 50 x 40 cm / ~ 20 x16 ins
language: English
brewery: Arkells Bry.
product ref: 2935


This poster shows a map of the pubs in Swindon and the surrounding villages arranged in a style similar to the London underground maps.
The coloured lines on the map indicate the various routes from pub to pub.
A rough count of the pubs listed on the poster is ~ 130. The nearby M4 motorway is also shown.

The extremities of this poster are Highworth northwards, Wroughton southwards, Royal Wooton Bassett to the west and Shrivenham to the east; also included are the Ogbournes and Aldbourne.

This poster is sponsored by Arkells Brewery from Swindon and some of their Beer emblems are displayed on the poster.


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