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Brew Your Own magazine - Vol 24, No 6 - October 2018

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published: October 2018
pages: 122, full colour
size: ~ A4 +
language: English
product ref: 2868


This month's cover highlights 'Pastry Beers' - ie beers with culinary adjuncts which produce a flavour of baked goods (seems logical!). Here are the methods and supporting recipes.

* Brewing with chocolate ...

* Style Profile: Belgian Blond Ale. History, Recipes, Flavour Profile, Ingredients and an example.

* Fruit Cider - using fruit additions to apple cider.

* How to Organize a Homebrew Competition.

* Homebrew Debates - Vigorous Boiling or Steady Boiling, Mash Temperature - precise or approx, Secondary Fermentation etc.

* Pivo Grodziskie - a revived Polish beer style - a light-bodied ale using smoked wheat malt. Guidelines and a recipe.

* Recording Your Brew Day - the benefits of documenting your brewing process stages and the parameters to record.

* Balancing your draught system .. what pressure should be used to carbonate my finished beer?

* Brewing Table Beer - the problems of brewing low abv beers (with taste).

* Rib Cage Wort Chiller - saves time and water on brew day.


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