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Brew Your Own magazine - Vol 24, No 1 - January-February 2018

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published: January 2018
pages: 104, full colour
size: ~ A4+
language: English
product ref: 2810


Cover headline is --
*** Make Award-Winning American Pale Ale - it's style and 5 award-winning recipes plus tips from the brewers

** 5 Big Barleywine Clone Recipes -
Consider the differences between English Barley Wine and the American BarleyWine styles against their histories. How to brew and describe the 5 recipes of BarleyWine.

Other feature articles:-

** Extract to Beer in 7 Days - from malt extract, brewed, carbonated and ready to drink a week later.

** Avoiding the Harsh Zone - How to avoid unpleasant properties when brewing malts in the 'harsh zone'.

** How to bring excitement into your brewing

** Induction Brewing

Other Articles:

* - Adding Bright Hop Character -
Looking into Dry Hopping

* - Style Profile = Catharina Sour - a Brazilian kettle-soured fruit beer.

* - Fermentation for NanoBrewers (brewing less than 5 barrels per batch).

* - Bottle Filling Station - improve your bottling process.


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