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Burton's Lost Breweries from Old Photographs

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author: Terry Garner
published: 2017
pages: 130; b & w photos
size: 17 x 23cm
language: English
brewery: Bass, Ind Coope, Worthington,
product ref: 2784


This is a collection of b & w photos (and postcards) of the Burton breweries and their maltings from the first decade of the last century. The majority of the illustrations are of the Bass Brewery, then Ind Coope, and Allsopps and the smaller breweries. The scope of the pictures illustrate the brewing processes, the maltings, transport (horse-drawn, lorries and rail), cooperages, bottling, cask-racking, and fire & ambulance units and advertising and social events.
These pictures show how much land of Burton was used by the breweries and maltings compared to the much smaller remaining space in the town (and note the many fine Victorian brewery buildings that have been demolished).
The b & w photos and cards do record the past buildings, events and people although their age results in some not very clear illustrations. Pity that more of the illustrations could have a date and more details.


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