Zymurgy magazine

Zymurgy magazine - Vol 40, No 4 - July-August 2017

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published: July 2017
pages: 98pp, full colour
size: ~ A4+
language: English
product ref: 2782


*****'Best Beers in America'_ _ _ _this months headline for Zymurgys 15th Annual Reader Survey of their favourite commercial beers in the US. Includes also their 'Top Breweries', and 'Best Portfolio'of breweries, plus 'Top Imports'...and clone recipes of the winners.

Other articles include ...
- Scottish Ales ('Style Spotlight')
- Using the Refractometer for SG measurement.
- Minimalist Homebrewing
- Small Batch brewing
- Gotlandsdricke ...Charlie Papazian visits Gotland and finds this local beer.


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