Brew Your Own magazine

Brew Your Own magazine - Vol 23, No 4 - July-Aug 2017

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published: July 2017
pages: 114, full colour
size: ~ A4+
language: English
product ref: 2781


This issue front cover highlights the 5 home brews that have won at various US state competitions, from a German Pilsner to an English Barleywine - full recipes given.

Other feature articles are:
- The Colour of Beer...history, measurement, methods, colour derivation.

- Updating your recipes & methods.

- New Zealand Pilsner..driven by NZ hops.

- Dry Hopping advancements.

Other aticles include -
- Choosing 7 Using 'Growlers' (no - its not about dogs but about these US big beer containers).
- How to become a Beer Judge


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