Zymurgy magazine

Zymurgy magazine, Vol 40, No 3 May-June 2017

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published: May 2017
pages: 98; full colour
size: ~ A4
language: English
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'Brewing for Summer' is the slogan for this issue.
Here are the beers to brew -
) Kölsch, New England IPA, Mexican Lager
- Kölsch: Its history and its description and brewing process..
) NEIPA: There are 2 articles on New England IPA
.... its characteristics - very hoppy, hazy.
.....Type of water for NEIPA.

) 'Mexican Lager': Describes its
characteristics and supporting recipes.

Other Featured Articles -
1) Brewing with Rice -
.... despite its reputation as a filler for mass market light 'lagers' there are historical precedents in Germany and USA, and now it is still used by US Budweiser and some craft breweries.

2)'The IBU is a lie!'
An investigation into variations of hops and brewing processes has shown that the measured IBU may not match the perceived bitterness.

This months Style Spotlight is 'Bière de Garde'- this delicious strong beer from Flanders - here its style and well regarded brews and breweries are described.

All the articles kin this issue are supported by recipes (21 in this issue).


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