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Brew Your Own magazine - Vol 23, No 3 - May-June 2017

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published: April 2017
pages: 114
size: ~ A4
language: English
product ref: 2766


HOPS is the topic for this issue! -
3 articles about hops:-
1)-Choosing & Using various forms of Hops wet,leaf,pellets,plugs,hash,extract
2)-Buying and Storage of hops.
3)-Globe Hopping - climates, hop growing regions (US Pacific NW, Germany-Hallertau, Czech-Saaz, UK, NZ & Australia, France and Slovenia).

Other feature articles are -
)- Brewing Single Malt and Single Hop beers (SMaSH) and another article on using SMaSH brewing to evaluate Hop Profiles.

)- Making Dark versions of Pale Ales ('Schwarzing' pale beers - methods and recipes).

)- Brewing Water - concepts and measurements.

Plus -
-Low Oxygen homebrewing,
-Build your own Water Pump
-Krausening carbonation methods.

This issue, Style Profile:
New England IPA - a hop driven beer style.

all supported with recipes


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