Zymurgy magazine

Zymurgy magazine, Vol 40, No 2, Mar-Apr 2017

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published: March 2017
pages: 98
size: ~ A4
language: English
product ref: 2763


The Big 4 - is the key to the essential 4 ingredients of beer, as described in 4 articles in this issue.

Malt - is the subject of the first ingredient of beer, describing the varieties and their characteristics with interviews with malsters small and large.

Hops - is the next beer ingredient and here the origins and development of hops are traced back 67 million years ago.

Water - is not just water, but analysis shows the various substances dissolved in water some from natural others from man caused conditions.

Finally - Yeast the magic ingredient of the past, now analysed and specified and managed to achieve great beers.

Another aspect of beer brewing is the use of local and alternative ingredients. Examples were Spruce beer, Dandelions, Lavender, Yarrow etc used not for novelty but to get a particular flavour.

This months Style Spotlight is Dry Irish Stout - its origins, brewing description plus recipe.


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