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Brew Your Own magazine - Vol 22, No 6 - October 2016

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author: various
published: October 2016
pages: 114, full colour
size: ~ A4
language: English
product ref: 2740


'Craze for Haze' is this month's cover, relating the contentious views of hazy American IPAs.

- OTHER Featured Articles-

- How to Blend Hops - in Uncomplicated Combinations the ways that various hops can be combined into homebrew recipes.

- Choosing a Fermenter
Looking at the pros and cons of various fermenters for homebrewers such as glass, plastic, Stainless steel and wooden barrels.

- Pre-Prohibition Porter is this months Style Profile - an interesting discussion plus recipes.

- Lautering - separating wort from grain
- All about Brett - the family of Brettanomyces yeasts which run through many Belgian and other beers.
- Cider for Beer Lovers...ading Hops, Spices etc for off-beat Ciders.

PLUS regular topics and questions about homebrewing and plenty of recipes.


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