Zymurgy magazine

Zymurgy magazine - May-June 2016, Vol 39, No 3

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published: May 2016
pages: 98, full colour
size: ~A4+
language: English
product ref: 2705


This months FEATURES:
* Barrel Roles - Fermenting and Aging in Wooden Barrels

* Honey Brew - Can Ale Yeast yield Great Mead?

* Reinheitsgebot: Is It Still Relevant? ... Horst Dornbusch re-evaluates the German Beer Purity Law at its 500th Anniversary.

* Brewing with Tea - using the worlds 2nd most beverage to brew Pale Ale with tea (and Malt!)

include 'Dear Zymurgy', 'Dear Professor', Style Spotlight [Kuytbier] and other regular articles.


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