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New Imbiber magazine - Issue 72 - Apr-May 2016

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published: April 2016
pages: 32; full colour
size: A5
language: English
product ref: 2703


This month s cover illustrates the maagnificent tiled facade of the Craven Arms in Birmingham - one of the many pubs (and beers tasted) visited by our regular Imbiber!

Further south to Devon, Howard Gladwin explores nearly a dozen of pubs in Barnstaple with a variety of beers sampled.

The recent gobbling-up of some of the major, now grown-up, once micro-breweries by the big international & national brewers is discussed by our Editor on page 9.

Away to East Northants to Rushden in particular, where Richard Plumb relates the demise and rise of Phipps NBC ales and samples the attractions of the former Rushden station - now restored with a splendid real ale bar adorned with railway and brewery memorabilia.

Across the Channel Neil Harvey ventures to Bruges (along with our chief correspondent) where they participated in one of Podge's Belgian Beer Tours (with a little pre-journey beer limbering up). A wide range of breweries, beer cafes and of course beers, and food too, were well enjoyed.

This month's book review is of the recent Ind Coope & Allsopp Breweries book.

Plus of course our regular news and comment of new breweries and beers.

24 new breweries and nearly 8 pages of new beers since the last issue are recorded.


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