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author: Mike Brown
published: 2015 October
pages: 420pp, some b&w & co
size: A4
language: English
brewery: Whitbread, Watneys, Courage, Charrington ++
product ref: 2647


sub-titled 'A Historical Directory of the Commercial Brewers of London from circa 1650'.
This mammoth directory covers the brewers of London - the area covered by the former GLC (or roughly encompassed by the London North & South Circular roads). The 'brewers' being commercial or common brewers (non-commercial brewers being mainly private brewers).

The brewery entries are (a) by district and (b) by brewer's name alphabetically starting with the City of London and then to the districts from Aldergate to Woolwich.

The entries range from a single line to quite a number of pages (eg > 6 pages for Whitbread).

The factual information is illustrated by many illustrations of breweries, adverts, bottle labels, showcards, letter heads etc.


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