Beer Brewing

Brewing Porters & Stouts

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author: Terry Foster
published: 2014
pages: 211; some illus.
size: ~ A5
language: English
product ref: 2636


Sub-titled - The Origins, History of Porter and Stouts plus 60 Recipes for their Home-Brewing.

The origins of Porter are described (in London in the early to middle of the 18th century) and its quick growth (eg to Yorkshire, Ireland and USA) to the end of the century. The evolution of stout from porter is discussed and porter's eventual decline against the pre-eminence of pale beers in England and US, particularly after WW2 and Prohibition. Some of the variations such as Milk Stouts are described too.
Definitions of various types of Porter and Stout are discussed in some length, along with the raw materials particularly the many types of malt, and also the other ingredients (ie water).

The final one-third of this book details the many recipes (60) for the various style of Porters and Stouts, each with an all-grain brewing recipe and an extract-based recipe.


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