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Lincolnshire Pub Crawl poster

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author: Bernie Carroll
published: 2002
size: A1 (84 x 60cm)
language: English
brewery: Batemans
product ref: 2630


Large (A1) pub poster showing ~ 120 sketches of various pubs in Lincolnshire.

Note the vintage of this poster is 2002 - so some of the these pubs have now gone to their final resting place.

The poster includes pubs from Lincoln, Grantham, Gainsborough, Louth, Boston, Stamford, Spalding and Wainfleet.

Each pub sketch has a very brief note (eg mine hosts, or telephone or slogan etc).
Below the sketches is a short entertaining description of the county;

The poster is sponsored by Batemans Brewery from Wainfleet.

NB-Just one copy left in stock!!


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