Brew Your Own magazine

Brew Your Own - Vol 20, No 6, - October 2014

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published: October 2014
pages: 106, full colour
size: ~ A4+
language: English
product ref: 2574


Cover feature - Big Batch, Small Batch - how to scale up or scale down in your brewing; two articles looking at this.
Pilot Brewing Systems - how professional brewers perfect their beer recipes - not too dissimilar from homebrewing ones (with examples of such commercial US breweries).
Partigyle, Split Fermentations, Split Boils are described in the article 'Two Beers from One Batch'.
This month's 'Techniques' article is on measuring beer gravity, whether using SG or Plato scale, and their pros & cons and histories.
Other articles include Use of Dark Grains, Mixing valves, Octoberfest bier.
All illustrated by appropriate bee recipes.


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