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Built to Brew

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author: Lynn Pearson
published: 2014, June
pages: 256, full colour
size: 19 x 24cm / ~ 8 x 10in
language: English
product ref: 2557


Sub-titled 'The History and Heritage of the Brewery' - this is a magnificent book with a comprehensive scope, clear descriptions, historical references and excellent illustrations - a joy to explore.
The book is in 9 sections from beer and early brewing and breweries, their development, the design of breweries, the various trades employed in the brewery and the equipment, powering the breweries, a chapter on Burton's breweries, associated buildings related to the breweries and finally the brewery buildings of today.
Supplementing there are fulsome appendices - Notes on each chapter, Bibliography, Illustration Credits, Glossary, Brewery and Geographical and General Indexes.


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