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Brew Your Own - Vol 20, No 3 - May-June 2014

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published: May 2014
pages: 104, full colour
size: ~A4+
language: English
product ref: 2556


This issue's cover headline is 'Pucker Up for Sour Beers!'...not sure what 'puckering' means but this is a real issue for Sour Beers and their brewing....see these articles!
What is Sour Beer? [a good introduction]
Flanders Red- a complex fruity sour beer
German Funk American-Style [the US revival of Berliner Weisse & its allies.
Making Flavoured Syrups [..'mit Schuss']
Blending Sour Beers with the Solera method.
After Sour Beer brewing some other interesting features:
Hops from Australia & New Zealand.
Brewing IPA with 100% Brettanomyces.
Beer Flavour Origins - its chemistry.
American Trappist Ale - yes the 1st Trappist Ale brewed outside Europe ..and certified by the Int. Trappist Assocn.
...and plenty of other articles and recipes.


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