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Gilroy was Good for Guinness

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author: David Hughes
published: 2013, November
pages: 256, full colour, H/
size: 23 x 23cm (~9 x 9in)
language: English
brewery: Guinness
product ref: 2487


This is a comprehensive account of John Gilroy s advertising work for Guinness plus earlier and other artwork. The recent discovery of original Gilroy artwork from the Benson Agency in the USA has prompted the publication of this book. Gilroy's early work is described and his involvement with Benson and Guinness. The various Guinness themes painted by Gilroy are desribed and well illustrated in the various chapters of the book, eg Guinness for Strength, the Zoo animals and of course The Toucan. New to me were the large number of Guinness adverts using Classic Cars just prior and post war years. Guinness s large export market reflected the wide range of Guinness adverts for foreign countries shown here; similarly a large set of Guinness adverts during the war - for Germany, USA, Russia. Besides the Guinness adverts used, the rough drawings and paintings are illustrated - showing Gilroy's powerful artistic skill. There are many other Gilroy Guinness themes illustrated here, and early black & white adverts too. Finally there is a full list of all the Guinness oil painted canvasses by Picture type, year, slogan and other comments.
This is a magnificent reference book for all Guinness lovers.


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