Beer Brewing

Water : A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers

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author: John Palmer & Colin Kaminski
published: 2013, October
pages: 296,
size: ~A5
language: English
product ref: 2462


A whole book on brewing water...this is the introductory chapter of the book (note that the book is not intended for the novice brewer, although it is intended for all levels of brewers (homebrewers to professionals).
Water sources are described and how to read a water report. Then into the brewing itself - the Residual Alkalinity and the Mash are discussed, then more about Residual Alkalinity, Malt Acidity and the Mash ph. Methods for Controlling Alkalinity are explained and how water should be adjusted for various beer styles. Away from the brewing the use of water for other processes eg cleaning is discussed and finally treatments for waste-water from the brewery.
Full Appendices and Index and a useful List of Key Figures, Tables, Sidebars & Illustrations. A comprehensive book on this essential ingredient of beer.


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