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Newcastle & Tyneside Pub Crawl Poster (A1 size), 2009

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author: Bernie Carroll
published: 2009
size: A1 (84 x 60cm)
language: English
product ref: 2218


* Sorry, item currently out of stock

Sorry! - Out of print. New edition in a 'few months' time and will be in A2 size.

Large (A1) pictorial poster of Pubs in Newcastle and Tyneside made up of black & white sketches of ~ 100 pubs in the city and riversides (north & south); published in 2009.

Brief details of each pub shown.

Take this P & P benefit! if you add one more Pub Crawl Poster then the Shipping charge of the 2nd poster will be deleted (this is because 2 Pub Crawl Posters can be fitted in one poster tube for the same P & P cost - NB only for UK


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