Beer Brewing

The Hop Lovers Guide

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published: 2008
pages: 74
size: A4
language: English
product ref: 2170


This Special Publication of the Brew Your Own magazine starts off with a general introduction to hops, then an article on buying and storing hops, and three articles on how to hop your beer. Malt extract brewers are not forgotten - there's advice on hop bittering for this method. Some construction projects are described - a home hopback, a hop dryer and a wort hopper. Two further articles on growing hops and on calculating th IBU of your beer. Plenty of recipes for hoppy beers and finally hop charts - the salient characteristics of a large variety of hops with an alphabetical list of every hop variety (over 80 from around the world).
Note - the Hop Lovers Guide is also listed in the Magazines and Hops & Oasthouses books section.


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