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DLG Bier Guide

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published: 2009
pages: 210
size: 13 x 24cm
language: German
product ref: 1943

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(in German) The annual awards for outstanding beers and breweries by the DLG (the German Agricultural Association). The awards are based on tasting and laboratory tests by experts at the DLG test centre. From the 190 qualifying breweries 18 are selected for the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Each of these breweries gets a page of details and description plus photos. Then follow the awards for beers - 742 from 190 breweries were tested (mainly but not exclusively from Germany) and gold silver and bronze awards made. There's a showcase of good examples of the 7 main styles of German beer. Finally there are beer routes through each of the German Laender identifying and detailing the breweries and there beers who got awards. Packed with information this is a useful guide to the better and best in German beers. Surprisingly (or not) the big names are not very prominent in the awards!


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