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author: Maurice Corham & Edward Ardizzone
published: 2008
pages: 126
size: 14 x 22cm; ~ 5 x 9in
language: English
product ref: 1934


Reprint of original edition published in 1949 with illustrations by Edward Ardizzone; (The 1949 book was in turn based on the 1939 book "The Local" by the same author and illustrator).
A delightful book to read (and see) with its portraits of aspects of London pub life both just after and just before the 2nd World War. It reminds one of the many features that characterised London pubs 60 or so years ago and which have now disappeared - along with many of the pubs too.
Edward Ardizzone's masterly and witty pen & ink sketches crown Maurice Corham's elegant and humourous reflections of pub life of that era.


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