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An Enthusiast's Guide to Homebrew Beers

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author: Sam Calagione
published: 2006
pages: 188; stiff backed; f
size: 21 x 26cm; 8in x 10in
language: English
product ref: 1873


Originally titled (in the USA) as "Extreme Brewing" and now sub-titled in this edition "making Ales, Lagers and Unique Hybrid Styles" it is writen enthusiastically by the founder and owner of Dogfish Craft Brewery in Delaware, USA.
Although the book is intended to spread the gospel of "extreme beers" (ie brewing with extreme amounts of traditional or non-traditional ingredients) a good half of the book is a recap of home brewing - ingredients, equipment, processes and then an explanation of extreme beers. After that there are chapters on different styles of extreme beers with numerous recipes, followed by recipes from various master brewers from US craft breweries. Finally a full chapter on pairing food with extreme beers.
Very attractive book, very well illlustrated, of interest to the keen home brewer looking to do something different!


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