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Gloucestershire Ale Trail

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author: Gloucestershire Craft Brewers
published: 2008
pages: 144, b & w & col ill
size: ~ 13 x 23cm
language: England
brewery: various
product ref: 1764

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This is an unusual little book insofar as it is mainly a pub guide but compiled by an association of craft breweries in Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire Craft Brewers(GCB)). However the pub guide lists and describes those Gloucestershire pubs who serve Gloucestershire brewed beer - an admirable way of promoting locally brewed ales. The book is in 5 parts, the 1st describes what the Gloucestershire Ale Trail is, the 2nd is a brief historical outline of the former breweries of the county, whereas the next part describes each of the 8 microbreweries who comprise the GCB..their history and their brews.
The 4th part is a pub guide to each of the 45 pubs who serve county brewed beers, with some excellent illustrations. The final part outlines 11 ale trails compiled by local CAMRA in different areas of Gloucestershire, each with a map locating the pubs described in the book. Finally! there is a competition (open until 31/3/2009)and other bits of useful information.


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