Beers of the World (back issues)

Beers of the World - Iss 19

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published: August-September 2008
pages: 84, full col.
size: ~ A4
language: English
product ref: 1754

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This issue (August-September 2008) will be of particular interest to beer travellers to Eastern Europe; there are articles on the Polish beer "Zywiec", beer in the Czech Republic and beer in Serbia - Belgrade to be precise. Nearer to Britain are articles on Belgian Trappist breweries and a beery tram ride on the Belgian coast. In the British Isles the breweries and beers of Ireland are explored, a trip to Hall & Woodhouse in Dorset and a visit to the Spectrum brewery in Norfolk. The cover story refers to the 2008 World Beer Awards held at the recent Beers of the World Live show at Birmingham's NEC - some interesting findings!
NB remaining copy is now the former Display copy which is shop soiled - therefore price reduced to 3.00.


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