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The History of Andrew Buchanís Rhymney Brewery

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author: Marion Evans
published: 2007
pages: 136pp, b & w illus
size: 17 x 25cm, H/B
language: English
brewery: Andrew Buchan's Rhymney Bry.,
product ref: 1690


A comprehensive and well illustrated history of this famed South Wales brewery. From itís conception by the Rhymney Iron Company, itís expansion under Andrew Buchan and other managers, difficult times in the Ď20s & Ď30s then finally falling to a bid from Whitbread in 1965; the end came in 1978 when production was transferred to Cardiff. The brewery history is looked at from many angles Ėbeers, brewing, advertising, staff, transport, pubs, social activities Ė a grand collection reflecting the brewery and itís community.


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