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Brewed in America

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author: Stanley Baron
published: 2006 re-print of 1962 Edn.
pages: 424
size: 22 x 28cm
language: English
product ref: 1631


This reprint, sub-titled A History of Beer & Ale in the United States starts in the early 17th C, through the colonial developments to the 18th C and then to 1840s when the lager engulfment of the American brewing industry started through German immigrants brewing their traditional beer. The subsequent growth and vicissitudes of the industry, the changing tastes and ingredients, the roles of the brewmaster, consolidation and labour relations are all covered. Prohibition, its introduction, its unpopularity and effects and eventual repulsion is described and the subsequent developments in the brewing industry both pre-war and post-war up until the early 1960s are outlined.


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