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Pubs & Progressives - Reinventing the Public House in England, 1896-1960

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author: David W. Gutzke
pages: 360, H/B
size: 16 x 24cm
language: English
product ref: 1388


By the turn of the 19th/20th centuries the English pub was in a sorry social state , a place that only working folk would visit. Political and Temperance pressures were strong and many brewers adopted the Progressive beliefs to sanitise the pubs image by getting rid of their drinking palace ambience and rebuilding them in a refined, non-traditional, manner catering for both the drink and food needs of motorized customers of both sexes. New pubs were often located in suburban areas styled in a pastiche of English traditional architectural features with interiors clean but coldly lacking the boozy dazzle and heartiness of their predecessors


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