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Herefordshire Pubs - A CAMRA Guide to the County's Real Ale and Cider Pubs, 2nd Edn

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author: CAMRA Herefordshire Br
published: 2006
pages: 90
size: A5
language: English
product ref: 1376

£4.95 £1.50

Launched at the 2006 CAMRA Hereford Beer Festival, and a worthy improved successor to the 2003 edition this Pub Guide covers all the pubs in Herefordshire � including ones without any real ale or cider (though not much detail for the these).
Fairly substantial notes/description of real ale/cider pubs, supplemented by simple maps of the towns plus a good back inner cover map of the county identifying the pubs and the breweries. Also � chapters on Herefordshire breweries, Herefordshire cider-makers, public transport details and tourist attractions. An attractive and informative pub, beer and cider guide.


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