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Brew Like a Monk

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author: Stan Hieronymus
pages: 272pp, some b & w &
size: 14 x 22cm
language: English
product ref: 1293


sub-titled �Trappist, Abbey and Strong Belgian Ales and how to brew them� this American book takes a good look at the brewing of these styles of Belgian ales both in Belgium and in the USA.
Through discussions at the Belgian Trappist breweries the author relates the brewing history of their beers and their characteristics. Similarly the �Abbey� breweries in Belgium and the Netherlands are looked at and also the brewers of Belgian style ales such as Caracole, Sint Bernadus, and de Koninck. Back in America the author visits various US brewers of Trappist inspired ales to research their brews.

The brewing stages are discussed in some detail, followed by advice for the home brewer and around 15 recommended recipes.


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