Brewing Operations

Radical Brewing

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author: Randy Mosher
published: 2004, USA
pages: 324; b & w illus.
size: 20x23cm
language: English
product ref: 1140


A comprehensive encyclopaedia of brewing knowledge covering every conceivable type of beer, ingredients and brewing style, interspersed with tit-bits of information, illustrations of labels, equipment, breweries etc that makes this a �can�t put down� type of book. Within the 22 chapters, starting with beers origins through to bitters, lagers, Belgian ales, black beers, to mead, ancient beers and much more are over 125 recipes for an enormous variety of beer styles, also �box� entries of additional information such as Malt Types for Brewing, Brewing Measures & Weights or Mysterious German Local Beer Names all add to the interest and utility of what will be a classic reference book.


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