New or of Note - Posters

Collection of various posters

  •  Poster packaging - they are packaged in heavy gauge poster tubes with plastic end-caps. Their lengths suit various lengths & diameters  eg the 63 cm long, 5cm diameter for A1 & Pub Stops & Pub Crawl posters.
  • .
  •  Buying more than 1 poster - If you wish to buy more than one poster at the same size or less, then the lowest shipping charge of the other posters will be cancelled (provided the 2nd poster will fit into the same poster tube).
  • The reduction of the shipping cost is done off-line when your order is received and it is not possible to be shown to viewers, though you will be notified that a reduction has been effected. If unsure of this then call 07736 174505 or email (
  • Pub Crawl Posters - we cannot use Royal Mail for sending Pub Crawl posters to you as the posters width exceeds Royal Mail's UK length limit (61cm).
  • We therefore use Hermes Parcels for UK delivery of Pub Crawl posters.
  • Pub Stops poster size just meets Royal Mail length limit - but to use this service there will be a surcharge ***(see below).Our normal delivery service for Pub Stops posters is Hermes Parcels service.
  • *** Surcharge for sending Pub Stop posters by Royal Mail is an additional £2.00 (for 2nd Class) or  £3.00 (for 1st class) above the website prices shown (which are based on using Hermes services). There is no surcharge for using Hermes for Pub Stops posters.
  • Other Overseas destinations are normally sent by Royal Mail International Standard Service (NB this Service does not include any Tracking, but Tracking or Signed For services is available but costs more if you request - (please contact Beer-Inn Print for the additional cost).
  • SIZES : the DIN standard sizes are mostly used for poster sizes ie
  • A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6.  for the length of the poster.
  •  The bigger the A number then the smaller is the size -
  • so that A3 is half the size of A2

 If you're more ,familiar with the Imperial measurements then

   A1= 20x32inch;

   A2= 16.5x23.5 inch;  

   A3= 11.75x16.5 inch;

   A4= 8.25x11.75 inch;

   A5 = 5.78x8.25 inch and A6 = 4.13x5.78 inch.