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Studies on Fermentation

sub-titled "The Diseases of Beer, Their Causes, and the Means of Preventing Them". This is a reprint, almost a facsimile of the 1879 MacMillan edition of Louis Pasteur's pioneering work which changed...


Starts with a historical look at beer production then a stage-by-stage discussion of the brewing process malting, hops, wort control, fermentation and beyond, plus microbiology within the brewery; w...

The Big Book of Brewing

A new reprint of a classic English home-brewers bible. The book takes the aspiring home-brewer through the equipment needed, the ingredients and the first brew followed by some easy recipes. Subsequen...

Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy

Describes how to brew >100 famous beers from around the world both bottled brands, real ales and even keg beer though some of the beers are no longer brewed now. The recipes are based on the commerc...

Beer Quality, Safety and Nutritional Aspects.

Examines the chemistry behind the beer characteristics rated by the drinker and also the aspects of quality control and safety of concern to the brewing scientist....

Principles of Brewing Science - A Study of Serious

Each of the brewing process stages from malting to stabilisation and gases is discussed, first in easy to follow qualitative terms and then in the underlying chemical reactions and physical laws that ...

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