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London Brewed

sub-titled 'A Historical Directory of the Commercial Brewers of London from circa 1650'. This mammoth directory covers the brewers of London - the area covered by the former GLC (or roughly encompas...

Old OS Map - S. Watford & New Bushey, 1896

Reproduction of old Ordnance Survey, 15" / mile map showing the Watford Brewery and Benskin's Brewery. Brief notes on the Watford breweries on the reverse side of the map....

Whitbread at Chiswell Street 1750-2000, A Pictorial History

Published at the end of Whitbread's 250 year sojourn in Chiswell St,London this is a splendid pictorial record of the brewery - it's origins, the buildings & surroundings, equipment, transport, staff,...