Beer & Brewing History

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Down Beer Street

sub titled 'History in a Pint Glass' This concise collection of 24 chapters about beer from Italy in the south to Finland to the north, Russia to the east and to Ireland in the west. In time they r...

Brewing Champions - A History of The International Brewing Awards

At first sight of the book and it's title you may think that it is just a lot of lists of breweries, but look further and you'll find the excitement running through these competitions. It started in 1...

Brew Britannia, The Strange Rebirth of British Beer

A thoughtful look at the changes in the UK beer world over roughly the last 50 years, both from the drinking side and the brewing side. It probably has some symmetry with many of our beer lovers now i...

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The Home Brewers Guide to Vintage Beer

Rediscovered recipes for classic brews from 1800 to 1965. The recipes cover the range of beer styles - Porter, IPA, Pale Ale/Bitter, Light Ale, Mild Ale, Stock Ale, Scottish Ale, Brown Ale and a few...

Beer in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

(paper back version of the 2004 hardback edition). A serious study of how beer brewing in Europe was transformed in the Middle Ages from an essentially household task to a regulated commercial activit...

A History of Beer and Brewing

A comprehensive account of the history of beer by a well-respected founder-brewer and author. Starting with beers Middle Eastern origins (and the range of alcoholic beverages called beer), the auth...

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