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The Brewers and Breweries of Ayrshire, Buteshire and Renfrewshire

The book is in 2 parts, the first lists (with some detail) the brewers and related workers within the towns/villages of each shire; the 2nd part describes the main breweries and their products, again...

The Brewers and Breweries of Fife

The book is in two parts - the first lists the places in Fife associated to brewers with brief details of the brewers plus a brief note on the places; the second part describes the main breweries of F...

Brewers & Breweries of Linlithgowshire

Linlithgowshire was one of the traditional counties of Scotland lying south of the Forth and west of Edinburgh, but by 1975 it had (for the most part) become West Lothian. In this concise little book ...

Honesty Brewing

"A History of the Breweries, Maltings and Distilleries of Musselburgh and Fisherrow" is this book's sub-title. The author relates the history of brewing in Musselburgh and district through the centur...

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The Brewers and Breweries of Stirlingshire

A very welcome addition to the small number of books recording Scottish brewery history. This little gem is in 2 parts, the first is a listing by placename of the known past and present breweries of S...

A Short History of George Younger & Son , 1762-192

This slim booklet is a reprint of the same title published by the brewery in 1925, though in this edition without the photographs. The booklet gives short summaries of its principal operations - the ...