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Bierkarte, Brauereien in Brandenburg und Berlin

This Bierkarte is a large map showing the breweries in Berlin and in the surrounding region of Brand...
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Beer in the Netherlands

Guide to the changing Dutch beer scene - 180+ breweries reviewed, 1000+ Dutch beers and where to dri...

Good Beer Guide Belgium, 8th Edn.

The bulk of this wonderful book is in 2 parts - firstly, an A to Z description of the Belgian brewer...

Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers, 2nd Edn.

New 2nd Edition - 5 years since the 1st edition. Since then the number of specialist beer cafes in A...

Around Brussels in 80 Beers, 2nd Edn.

New 2nd Edition, launched 6 years since the 1st edition was published. Over half of the 80 bars etc ...

Around Bruges in 80 Beers, 3rd Edition

Latest edition of this highly regarded guide to 80 of the best beer cafes/bars in Bruges,published e...


Guides to beer & bars and cafes in the Low Countries in the 'Around xxx in 80 Beers series'. Concise and authoriative and witty - essential for Belgium, Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels, Berlin and Netherlands.